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50W COB (3500K) – CREE CXB3590


Plug and play Cree CXB3590 COB LED Growlight – 3500K

Great for small spaces or as a supplement to other lights.

Angelina cone type reflector ensures maximum light penetration.

Highly efficient at only 50w.

Fitted with 3 pin South African plug.


600w x2 de HPS and MH including globes


600w x2 de HPS and MH including globes Features

With the New Nanolux DE Dual fixture (600Wx2), we have split our 1200W DE into two 600W lamp outputs. This allows
the fixture to run both a 2K DE HPS lamp and our brand new double jacketed 6K MH DE lamp, or the optional 4K MH DE
lamp (sold separately). This dual lamp combination provides a spectrum that is
unmatched by any other existing HID technology currently on the market. The spectral output of the 6K DE MH lamp in combination with the 2K DE HPS lamp provides additional
blue light that benefits your plant. This fixture provides a very comprehensive PAR spectrum
while pumping out 1200W of the most powerful light.
Use any combination of DE lamps to create the spectrum
the plants desire! (— >)2K-HPS + 6K-MH SPECTRAL DISTRIBUTION

380 430 480 530 580 630 680 730 780 Wavelength (nm)





LA55-Vpro – Globe NOT included.
Length: 550mm
Width: ~500-710mm
Height: ~150-200mm
Max Power: 1000W
Socket: E40

The new Prima Klima AZERWING LA55-VproS reflector with E40 lampholder for HPS & MH lamps and pre-assembled electric box for easy connect provides homogenous light distribution without hotspots with reflection up to 95% after patterning process. AZERWING VProS use reflector sheet Vega – unique PVD 4-Layer system. Quality made for professionals.
Patent number: EP3070397



LA55-Vpro + Sunkraft HPS 600W Bulb
Length: 550mm
Width: ~500-710mm
Height: ~150-200mm
Max Power: 1000W
Weight: 2.10Kg
Socket: E40

The new Prima Klima AZERWING LA55-VproS reflector with E40 lampholder for HPS & MH lamps and pre-assembled electric box for easy connect provides homogenous light distribution without hotspots with reflection up to 95% after patterning process. AZERWING VProS use reflector sheet Vega – unique PVD 4-Layer system. Quality made for professionals. Sunkraft 600W HPS lamp included.
Patent number: EP3070397

Please note no cable included with the Reflector.



The Blackline Ballast is fully electrical. It utilizes as unique timing ignition system which delivers a 0-15 second ignition delay during start-up which eliminates power strikes or surges. It also allows for just the right amount of light, giving you the ability to customize light strength.

CMH 1000w Including bulb


CMH 1000w Including bulb Features

Ceramic Metal Halide or CMH for short (some refer to it as CDM), is becoming more popular in the horticultural industry. The CMH lamps have a very broad light spectrum which is more similar to the sun itself than any other form of HID lamp. We have taken CMH technology and increased its operational efficiency, making the most comprehensive spectrum of light output for an HID fixture even better. The CMH lamps also have increased efficiency in PAR/Watt compared to other forms of HID lighting.
This was the first 1000W CMH fixture on the market. Nanolux helped develop the dual arc tube 1000W CMH MaxPar Lamp. The ballast is a low frequency ballast designed specifically to run low frequency CMH arc tubes. This fixture can be used as a standalone flowering fixture. The reflector is optimized and photometrically designed for an even commercial overlap pattern with a 136° aperture.

CMH 315w Including bulb


CMH 315w Including bulb Features

Nanolux Technology is now offering a CMH 315W ballast utilizing low frequency square wave technology. The ballast
has a 99% power factor rating making it highly efficient and also has open and short circuit protection. The CMH remote
ballast comes NCCS ready so it can communicate with the Nanolux NCCS wireless control system. Operates at 120‐240
volt and comes with a 120V IEC power cord. For 208‐240V operation a 240V cord has to be purchased or a Nanolux
120/240V adaptor can be used. The unit has a dual outlet lamp cord receptacle accepting both industry standards.
ETL Listed.
Fully sealed commercial designed ballast
NCCS Ready
3 year warranty
Soft Start and Random Start technology
Open circuit and low voltage protection
Input Voltage:

CMH 630w Including bulb


CMH 630w Including bulb

We are proud to bring you another first for South Africa – Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Lights, the future of HID.

If you want to keep your edge you will need to stay up to date with the latest lighting technology. Out with the old and in with the new!

CMH metal halide grow lights are made with an arc tube constructed of a ceramic composite instead of quartz or PCA. This allows the tube to reach higher temperatures. To achieve the lower operating temperature in HID lamps made with quartz or PCA, a combination of gases must be used that don’t necessarily produce the optimal light spectrum for photosynthesis.

CMH315 (Excl. Bulb)


Low frequency square wave technology

Higher efficiency, lower energy consumption

Sleek  design saves space for flexible utilization

Longer power cord for flexible positioning 

CMH315 BULB 3100K / 4000K

  • Available in 3100K / 4000K
  • Superior colour quality
  • Reduced operating heat
  • Increases plant resin production
  • Rated life span 20,000 hours
  • Philips Elliptical PCA provides enhanced lumen output and optimised spectrum



The DTU is the brain of the NCCS APP system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and environmental control devices by communicating wirelessly with individual RTU (remote terminal unit) USB devices.

Input Voltage DC : 3.3V-6V
Wireless Frequency : 433.5-434.5 MHz
Communication: Port > USB2.0
Measurement: 85mm * 150mm * 28mm
Weight: 142.4g
Controls: 999 RTU devices

EASYROLLS 2.0 (Per Set)

Per set of two

Easy-Rolls is a light/reflector hanger.
Easy-Rolls is a useful mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the height of your light/reflector as the plant grows.

HPS 1000w de 4×4 incl globes


fixtures in smaller non-commercial horticultural operations. Consumers have to realize that one of
the largest features of commercial open DE fixtures is their wide and large light footprint allowing for
“Commercial Overlap.” The light spread on a commercial DE fixture is well over 10’ wide in a typical
installation height. This is not practical if you are growing over a 4’ x4’ tray. The Nanolux DEFNC 4×4
fixture is designed to produce vertical light penetration over a 4’ x 4’ tray. The reflector is designed to
have ALL of the available light fall onto a 4’ x 4’ grid at a 24” install height over the canopy top. There
is no stray light falling beyond each side of the tray, as would be the case with our commercial DE
fixture. With the higher concentration of light falling onto the 4×4 grid, many growers report having to
dim the fixture—doing so also helps reduce power consumption.
This is the reason that we DO NOT offer our commercial DE fixtures in 120V presentations. If you are
using 120V, you are most likely using a limited number of fixtures (<10) which is generally NOT
considered a commercial installation and does not require the application of the commercial overlap or
its light interlacing effect.



The Nanolux DE Chill is the first DE commercial overlap fixture of its type on the market. The DE Chill is designed with
an onboard ballast, is air cooled, and comes NCCS APP‐ready. The air‐cooled design removes up to 60% of heat load in
grow facility environments. This greatly reduces the air conditioning required to maintain the growing environment at
desired temperatures. The fully enclosed design uses an optical quality glass lens which only reduces light output by
6%. This 6% reduction is easily offset by the ability to lower your lights closer to your plants and therefore raising light
intesities far above 20%. If left at the same height, one would only require 104 lights in a facility which would regularly
require 100 open‐style DE lights. The 4000W required to run the 4 additional lights and the small wattage draw for
exhaust fans is minor compared to the savings from lower electrical consumption required to AC the growroom.

HPS 1000w de OG incl globes


NEW for 2018 is the OG DE1000W fixture. Featuring all the same great benefits of our popular DE1000W fixture but in a more economical form. Unlike the standard DE1000W, the OG DE1000W is fan-cooled exactly like our bestselling OG1000W. By replacing the aluminum enclosure with a durable powder coated steel enclosure, we were able to make a complete DE fixture that weighs less and costs less that our original DE1000W. This makes the OG DE1000W the optimal choice for small scale growers that want all the benefits of DE lighting technology, for less cost. Reduced weight of the fixture makes the OG DE1000W ideal for hanging in grow tents. The OG DE1000W is compatible with both NCCS and 0-10V controllers and uses 97% German reflective reflector material. Comes with random start, soft start, and soft dimming capabilities.