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CMH 315w Including bulb


CMH 315w Including bulb Features

Nanolux Technology is now offering a CMH 315W ballast utilizing low frequency square wave technology. The ballast
has a 99% power factor rating making it highly efficient and also has open and short circuit protection. The CMH remote
ballast comes NCCS ready so it can communicate with the Nanolux NCCS wireless control system. Operates at 120‐240
volt and comes with a 120V IEC power cord. For 208‐240V operation a 240V cord has to be purchased or a Nanolux
120/240V adaptor can be used. The unit has a dual outlet lamp cord receptacle accepting both industry standards.
ETL Listed.
Fully sealed commercial designed ballast
NCCS Ready
3 year warranty
Soft Start and Random Start technology
Open circuit and low voltage protection
Input Voltage:

Nanolux – CMH 1000


Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) – Future of Grow Lights

We are proud to bring you another first for South Africa – Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Lights, the future of HID.

If you want to keep your edge you will need to stay up to date with the latest lighting technology. Out with the old and in with the new!

CMH metal halide grow lights are made with an arc tube constructed of a ceramic composite instead of quartz or PCA. This allows the tube to reach higher temperatures. To achieve the lower operating temperature in HID lamps made with quartz or PCA, a combination of gases must be used that don’t necessarily produce the optimal light spectrum for photosynthesis.

Nanolux – HPS 1000 DE


The Nanolux DE has increased the standard 1150W to 1200W allowing the fixture to produce a class leading output. The upgraded components, like ceramic receptacles, made the Nanolux DE fixture the safest on the market. The Nanolux DE fixture is NCCS APP ready, meaning you will be able to control it wirelessly through the Nanolux Cloud Control System APP (NCCS). Like all of our ballasts, the DE comes with Random Start, Soft Start and Soft Dimming capabilities. The traditional commercial overlap reflector is designed to work on a 5’ on center application in conjunction with other DE fixtures. When used with the commercial DE reflector, the DE will create an interlacing light pattern with other lights. This interlacing allows for deeper light penetration and an 800 umol MIN/1000 umol MAX light coverage throughout the canopy area. This results in denser fruit and flower sets all over the plant, increasing the yield by as much as 10%. All Nanolux ballasts and fixtures are ETL listed meeting product safety standards.

Exclusive ceramic industrial grade receptacle
Strikes and is compatible with any industry DE MH or HPS lamp
Includes MAXPAR 2K HPS lamp
Designed for 5’ on center commercial overlap light grid
Soft/Random start plug and play technology
Lowest profile DE fixture on the market
Output Power: 1000W
Input Voltage: 208-240V, 277V
Input Current: 5.2-4.5A 3.9A
Bulb: DE
Dimming Settings: 600W, 660W, 750W, 825W, 1000W, 1200W
PF: >0.99
THDI: <10% CF: <1.7 Weight: 18 lbs
Size: 23”x 20”x 6”
Input Frequency: 50/60

Output Power: 600W
Input Voltage: 208-240V
Input Current: 3.2-2.8A
Bulb: DE
Dimming Settings: 300W, 450W, 600W, 660W
PF: >0.99
THDI: <10% CF: <1.7 Weight: 16 lbs
Size: 23”x19”x6”
Input Frequency: 50/60