T5 grow lights are a special type of fluorescent bulb that has become the industry-standard for growing seedlings and greens indoors.

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Fluorescent lighting is quite efficient when compared to other types of indoor lighting like high pressure sodium, metal halide, or plasma lights. There are two other types of popular fluorescent tube lights out there — T8 and T12. Compared to those, T5 is the most efficient by a long shot. T5 bulbs can reach ~100 lumens per watt, which is extremely high for this type of lighting.

Depending on what you’re growing, T5 grow lights can reduce your lighting energy consumption by over 50%. When you consider those savings over the course of a year, it really starts to add up.


Almost all T5 grow lights will last for 20,000+ hours. More importantly, you’ll have good bulb performance throughout those 20,000 hours, without much degradation as your bulbs reach the end of their lives. The superior lifespan of T5 bulbs is yet another factor that brings the true cost of using these lights down.


As an indoor gardener, controlling your environment is crucial. And one of the most annoying factors to control is the heat of your grow room. No matter what lights you use, heat will be emitted from them which causes your grow room temperature to rise. Some of the hottest lights require dedicated cooling systems, venting, and fans to control for the massive amount of heat they produce

Dimensions 34 x 59 x 6 cm (WxLxH)
Lumens Up to 100 per Watt

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Weight 6 kg
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